Monday, April 12, 2010

Re-Cap St. Edward's University 2010 Homecoming Weekend!

2010 Homecoming Celebration Video 

This year marks the 125th Anniversary of St. Edward's. As so, the university wanted to make this year's homecoming celebration extra special for student, faculty, and alumni as it launches a year full of celebration. This video chronicles the events that occurred over Homecoming weekend Feb. 19-20 2010. One of the most exciting contributions to celebration was the welcoming of the class of 1970 for their 40th year reunion! I know they were proud to see the university buzzing with excitement and celebration.

This film starts out with a view of our main building from East Hall, our all girls dorm. It then hit all the highlights of the weekend. The Homecoming Tailgate was a huge success this year. Last year it was canceled due to high winds. The tailgate included, music, vendors, and tons of food. Everyone was there including our unofficial school mascot, Pax. His unavailing was a huge success; students, faculty, and alumni alike were all enthusiastic about his attendance. The tailgate was the opener for a great game! The St. Edward's hilltoppers men's basketball game against UT Permain Basin was a nail bitter. With the support of the huge crowd, the toppers beat out UT by a single shot. It seemed the school had a glow about it for the rest of the evening. After the game, our Mr. & Mrs. SEU were crowned. Fireworks capped off this fairytale weekend. Everyone joined together as fireworks lit the Austin Skyline. It definitely a weekend to remember and hold close.

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