Sunday, April 25, 2010

What the Trend

Want to know what the latest Twitter trends are? provides the public with up-to-date trends on twitter.

For example: if you want to know what is currently trendy or trendy today, it provides a top ten list of both:

What if you wanted to know the trends for the past month? It can do that too.

It looks like in the past month some hot topics have been: Justin Bieber, Easter, Glee, and Zodiac Facts.

It also provides viewers with who is most active contributor and what country is the most active contributor:

It even provides a map:

If you want more information than this, you have to become a Pro Member. It only costs a $450 a month! (sarcasm)

What The Trend is used mostly by professionals hence the great introductory price. Companies such as AdvertisingAge, Mashable, The New York Times, Tech Crush and The Next Web are avid users of What The Trend. Why just today Mashable used What The Trend in a blog entry.

Check it out!

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